foalR In 2023, FoalR will open its doors to show jumping and eventing stallions. Contact us if you want to pre-register your stallions!

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foalR In 2023, FoalR will open its doors to show jumping and eventing stallions. Don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter if you want to be informed of the opening of these two disciplines!

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foalR Enable stallion owners to promote their stallions and receive breeding requests directly

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foalR Enable breeders to discover dressage stallions and contact stallion owners

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foalR Facilitating contacts between stallion owners and dressage horse breeders

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Welcome to FoalR!

This website has been designed to facilitate the search for stallions (for the moment, dressage stallions only) and to help the visibility of lesser known stallions.

If you are looking for the stallion of your dreams, then don't hesitate to use our search engine. If you think you have found him and you want to contact a distributor, create an account on FoalR and you can do so, very simply by sending him a message.

If you sell stallion semen and you want him to be listed on FoalR, all you have to do is create your account in a few clicks, create the sheet of your stallion(s) in a few minutes, validate, it's done! All you have to do is wait to be contacted by interested parties.

Foalr has been designed by a breeder for breeders: we hope it will meet your expectations.

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