French know-how is now recognised thanks to the Stud-Book du Cheval de Dressage Français!


In June 2020, the "Cheval de Dressage Français" Stud-Book was created and is now a full-fledged Selection Body that legitimises the existence of the Cheval de Dressage Français breed. 

Cheval de Dressage Français


This is a major event in the history of French dressage and for French horses, which will then be able to compete under their country's colours. 

In 2021, one year after its recognition by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Cheval de Dressage Français' breed is affiliated to the WBFSH (World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses), the international organisation that links the breeding of sport horses to international equestrian sport.


Caroline Rioche, co-founder of the CDF studbook, explains that: "to register a horse, it must have at least one Lusitano horse in its lineage up to its 3rd generation, i.e. a minimum of 12.5% Lusitano blood. A 100% Lusitano horse cannot be registered because there is already a studbook for it. Another specificity: the CDF only approves breeding stallions that are identified for the discipline of Dressage so that the future buyer automatically knows that a horse born CDF is a dressage horse.


Go to the CDF website to join the studbook by clicking on this link.