Newsflash: the WBFSH ranking of dressage stallions is out!


The ranking of the best Dressage stallions "Made In WBFSH" (World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses) is published every year around mid-November, after the Breeders' and StudBooks' rankings. 



This sires' ranking is based on the competition results of the stallion's offspring. The more offspring the stallion has, the better his ranking. Interesting information of course for breeders who are looking for the ideal stallion for their mares...


And the winner is...the KWPN stallion Jazz !

And he is a regular one in the ranking....! He made his sensational entry in 2008, at the first place. He kept it for a few years before "contenting himself" with sailing between 2nd and 5th place, until this year when he took over the top spot.


It must be said that his offspring are as numerous as they are illustrious... Starting with the famous Don Juan de Hus, who not only excelled under the saddle of Jessica Michel-Botton, but who also promises to be an exceptional sire, since his descendants already include, to name but a few, D'Avie, Emotion de St-Val, Diamond de St-Val, or Einstein du Parc.

And Don Juan de Hus is just one of the many remarkable jazz descendants, such as Johnson (himself 2nd in the ranking !!), Bretton Woods, Meggle's Boston, Eddieni, Bella Josi L, Wynton, Boston, Blue Hors Don Olymbrio,...

In short, Jazz is one of those stallions who leave an indelible mark....



The Top 10 of the WBFSH Ranking of dressage stallions

It is clear that many names are familiar...(in brackets the stallion's 2018 ranking, and following his name, his number of points):

1 (4) JAZZ - 21578

2 (6) JOHNSON - 20468

3 (2) SANDRO HIT - 20050

4 (1) DE NIRO - 18388

5 (22) QUARTERBACK - 12856

6 (5) DON FREDERICO - 12825

7 (24) FIDERTANZ - 12496

8 (3) RUBIN-ROYAL - 12195

9 (18) VIVALDI - 11534

10 (12) DON SCHUFRO- 10937



Find the full 2019 WFSH dressage stallion rankings on the WBFSH website here.


10 January 2020, Edit: the magnificent Jazz has left us. The french magazine called L'Eperon has published an article about this exceptional stallion: "Jazz, sporthorse and exceptional sire".

Goodbye Jazz, and thank you for everything...