Masterclass #9: Stallion nutrition.


Are the stallion's dietary requirements very different from those of a gelding or mare? Does feeding have an impact on the stallion's fertility? Should a breeding stallion's diet be adapted throughout the year? What causes the stallion's feed requirements to vary?

During this FoalR Masterclass, Angélique Descarpentry, agricultural engineer and independent equine nutritionist, has given us the keys to a good diet for breeding stallions and answered all your questions!





#1 - Introduction and objectives

#2 - Basic stallion nutrition

#3 - Preparing for the breeding season

#4 - Supporting a stallion who is losing or gaining weight

#5 - Supplementing for fertility

#6 - Conclusion and questions 



Angélique Descarpentry founded Equi-Transm'être in 2017, an agricultural engineer by training and a freelance equine nutritionist, her aim via Equi-Transm'être is to help professionals and private individuals set up a diet suited to their horses, from foals to older horses and from leisure horses to top-level sports horses.