The breeding market - breeders' and stallion owners' expectations.


This Masterclass gave us the opportunity to share with you the results of a market study carried out by Horse Development for FoalR, in order to gain a clear understanding of the expectations of people likely to buy a covering, whether they are experienced breeders, amateur breeders, or owners of a mare whose offspring they are looking to produce...


Alice Monier (Horse Development) has discussed the following results:

  • The main "challenges" in the breeder's job / the breeder's approach
  • Preferred types of breeding
  • The different ways of finding stallions
  • The budget earmarked for the purchase of breeding stock
  • The main difficulties encountered when looking for stallions
  • Services expected by breeders/breeders
  • Breeders' expectations in terms of payment facilities



Alice Monier is a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce, with a degree in Entrepreneurship and in "Science and Management of the Equine Industry". She has also been a horse rider and close to the racing world for many years. Her diverse professional experience has enabled her to join the teams of companies in the equine industry (stud farms, sport horse trading stables, training centres, associations, etc.). And it was on the strength of her understanding of the issues facing equestrian and equine businesses, and her knowledge of a tense environment, that she set up Horse Development, one of the first marketing and strategic development consultancies specialising in the horse business.


Created in 2012 to meet the needs of professionals in the industry, Horse Development carries out specialist market research into the world of horses in France and abroad.