The concept

Every year it is the same struggle for hundreds of breeders: to dive into the meanders of the web or into the ocean of their contacts to identify the available stallions that correspond to their search criteria.

In part, the information does exist. But it is scattered, more or less "visible", heterogeneous. Often it is the same stallions that we see over and over again, because their owners or distributors are better equipped than others to communicate. So we only see the tip of the iceberg.

So it's quite simple: FoalR is a "directory" of stallions. Stallion owners and distributors can register their stallion, and those looking for the ideal stallion for their mare(s) can come and search the directory, with the help of search criteria if they wish.

The idea of FoalR is to be on the side of those who are looking for a stallion, to allow them to access a much wider offer, while allowing less visible stallions to emerge and trying to encourage stallion owners to provide a maximum of information. Amongst other things, stallion owners are invited to provide health genetic test information such as the basic WFFS and PSSM tests. Indeed, at FoalR we assume that selling semen is "just" selling genetics, so the least we can do is to provide genetic tests that are useful to buyers, most of which cost a few tens of euros. We will gradually integrate more genetic tests.

Moreover, for us, stallions have no borders, since artificial insemination is allowed in the majority of sport studbooks. FoalR has a European vocation... even international.

Finally, for its benning, FoalR addresses the dressage stallion market, but we do not intend to stop there!

So if you own or distribute a stallion, don't hesitate to register it on FoalR, it's free... for the moment!

See you soon

The FoalR team