Chestnut, PFS, 12 years old, 149 cm
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Beltmeyer is the result of a clever mix between a well-known pony bloodline and the contribution of the illustrious Weltmeyer, who has been elevated to the rank of a true legend! Some even say of him that he single-handedly helped reshape the Hanoverian breed, no less...

Winner of his licensing in 1986, he won his licensing test the following year, while becoming national champion 3-year-old at Warendorf. The 1998 Hannoveraner Stallion of the Year and holder of numerous awards in both sport and breeding, Weltmeyer is the sire of 70 approved stallions and his blood is present in many, many national and international performers' papers.

On the maternal side, Beltmeyer has nothing to be ashamed of as he has one of the strongest basslines around. His dam, Magic Light, is moreover also the dam of Drink Pink, European team champion in 2017, and of Chtromae Linaro, French champion of the 5 years old in 2017. She is a daughter of the very good FS Golden Highlight, German champion and granddaughter of the inescapable FS Don't Worry, whose blood is on the way to becoming the equivalent of a Weltmeyer pony version in the world!

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  • Champion of France for 6 years old in 2017
  • Winner of the Trophée des As Dressage in 2018
  • 3rd in the French Ace Elite championship.
  • Selected in the French pony team, he participated for the first time in the European Championships in 2018
  • 5th in the French Amateur 1 Dressage Championship in 2019
  • Winner in Amateur 2 in 2020


Beltmeyer Linaro is a very well-built pony, with a sloping and well-muscled shoulder, a toned and taut back, a very good loins attachment, a very nice orientation, with a long withers, very good legs and well armed underneath. His amplitude and his permeability to aids finish to describe in a few words this exceptional pony !

He will cross very well with B, C and small D ponies (up to 145 cm), who lack chic and blood, and whose amplitude, balance and suppleness we are looking to improve. His good underside and topline make it possible to consider mares with too thin legs and loose backs. Beltmeyer can also be the ideal groom for large mares to produce small dressage horses.


His first foals all show very good gaits, with a special mention for their naturally rising canter and on the haunches, showing great balance and suppleness. He crosses particularly well with very smart mares lacking in strength.

Beltmeyer is the sire of Lottybelt Motte Jean, 2021 French Dressage foal champion, and Live From L Lays, 4th in the same 2021 championship.

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Distributor Country of distribution Condition Technical fees including VAT * First rate including VAT * Balance 01/10 including VAT * Living foal balance including VAT * Total including VAT (excluding technical fees) No foal, free return basis

FRANCE, Frozen semen 0 € 150 € 200 € 0 € 350 € Yes
Frozen semen - 150 € per dose of 6 straws.
+ 200 € on October 1st if the mare is in foal (cheque destroyed in case of vacancy of the mare).
+ Live foal guarantee (balance carried forward).
Country of distribution FRANCE,
Condition Frozen semen
Technical fees including VAT 0 €
First rate including VAT 150 €
Balance 01/10 including VAT 200 €
Living foal balance including VAT 0 €
Total including VAT (excluding technical fees) 350 €
No foal, free return basis Yes
Frozen semen - 150 € per dose of 6 straws.
+ 200 € on October 1st if the mare is in foal (cheque destroyed in case of vacancy of the mare).
+ Live foal guarantee (balance carried forward).


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