Cream, PRE, 9 years old, 160 cm
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Mar Wonderful was born in 2014 out of Mar Salinera and Revoltoso XXIX, a well-known stallion at the Paco Marti stud. He is also the grandson of Divo PM. Mar is a stallion PRE perlino (ggEeAACrCr) at the breeding for a few years and is available for some covers, only by AI in fresh. Because of his color, he always transmits a cream gene. On the basic colors the foals will be isabelle or palomino. He has three good gaits with a warrior's mind while remaining very respectful. He is 1m60 tall with a baroque morphology and all in roundness. He was x-rayed, neck and back included at the age of 7 years, free of OCD and navicular.

Revoltoso XXIX, PRE Pegaso IV, PRE Bizarro XIII, PRE
Lagrima, PRE
Baturra XI, PRE Baturro IV, PRE
Envidiosa VII, PRE
Mar Salinera, PRE Divo PM, PRE Pegaso IV, PRE
Laia, PRE
Mar-Ketama, PRE Enebro, PRE
Ivora IV, PRE




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Distributor Country of distribution Condition Technical fees including VAT * First rate including VAT * Balance 01/10 including VAT * Living foal balance including VAT * Total including VAT (excluding technical fees) No foal, free return basis

No information, Fresh semen 0 € 300 € 0 € 700 € 1000 € Yes
Country of distribution No information,
Condition Fresh semen
Technical fees including VAT 0 €
First rate including VAT 300 €
Balance 01/10 including VAT 0 €
Living foal balance including VAT 700 €
Total including VAT (excluding technical fees) 1000 €
No foal, free return basis Yes


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Agouti : No Information
Grey : No Information
Cream : No Information
Pearl : No Information
Silver : No Information
Dun : No Information
Champagne : No Information
Leopard (LP) : No Information
Pattern (PATN) : No Information
Tobiano : No Information
Splash : No Information
Roan : No Information
Sabino : No Information
Dominant White : No Information
Overo : No Information

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