Ushuaia eliza MODESTY

Bay, CO, 16 years old, 148 cm
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Ushuaia transmits his short and strong back, a modern model for a Connemara with a chic and expressive head.
In view of his sporthorse performances, he can bring locomotion to his future foals and transmit an excellent aptitude in showjumping: kick, strength, a good back passage and respect for the bar.

Dream of Aulne, Sticky du Blin, CO King Cup RC, CO
Sheila's Pal, CO
Payse de L'aulne, CO Glenree Bobby, CO
Océan Moon, CO
Eliza Schueracher, CO Cheviot Midas, CO Smokey Shane, CO
Célébration Cream, CO
Shipton Corn Dolly, CO Atlantique Sentinel, CO
Loyal Dolly, CO


Sport results:

- 2012: Finalist Dressage Cycles Classiques Jeunes Poneys de 4 ans Mention très bon
- 2014: Participation in Cycles Classiques jeunes poneys complet 6 ans
- 2016: 4th/15 in dressage pony Elite in Lamotte Beuvron & Finalist in CCE pony Elite
- 2017: 8th/16 in Dressage As Poney Elite in Lamotte Beuvron
- 2018 21st/96 in French showjumping pony performance index As Poney 1 Excellence in Lamotte Beuvron French showjumping pony performance index 143
- Season 2018/2019: Starts showjumping Grand Prix: 3rd Grand Prix Lamotte Beuvron and Winner of Grand Prix de Niort.

Ranked WBFSH
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Breeding conditions

Bothamy Laurent

Hand breeding
Total : 452.00€ INCLUDING VAT

Countries of distribution : FRANCE,
Condition : Hand breeding
Technical fees INCLUDING VAT* : On request
First rate including VAT* : 151.00 € (143.13 € HT)
Second rate 01/10 including VAT* : 301.00 € (285.31 € HT)
Living foal balance including VAT* : 0.00 € (0.00 € HT)
Total including VAT (excluding technical fees) : 452.00 € (428.44 € HT)
Foal free return basis guarantee : No
ICSI : Forbidden
Embryo transfer : Forbidden
Contract : See the contract
Metritis, Negative Arteritis
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Extension (Red Factor) : No Information
Agouti : No Information
Grey : No Information
Cream : No Information
Pearl : No Information
Silver : No Information
Dun : No Information
Champagne : No Information
Leopard (LP) : No Information
Pattern (PATN) : No Information
Tobiano : No Information
Splash : No Information
Roan : No Information
Sabino : No Information
Dominant white : No Information
Overo : No Information

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