I am looking for a showjumping stallion

Are you looking for the ideal stallion for your mare(s)? Are you lost in the vastness of the web and don't always have the information you need to make a decision? Are you convinced that the stallion of your dreams is hidden somewhere but you can't find him?

We have created FoalR to try and make it easier for you. FoalR is not a distributor, we do not have a distribution contract with stallion owners. Stallion owners or distributors can freely list their stallion(s) on FoalR. We hope to gradually build up the largest stallion listing in France, and even in Europe, and even worldwide.

To help you find the (almost) perfect stallion for you, we have set up search criteria:

Search criteria for stallions on FoalR:

Characteristics of the stallion

  • Breed

Stallion's birth stud-book.

  • Color 

The horse's color as it is registered in the SIRE. For horses not registered in SIRE, the author of the stallion's sheet indicates the color of his stallion by selecting from the colors used in the SIRE database. 
Eventually, FoalR will allow the search on colour genes.

  • Minimum / Maximum height

Height range in centimetres, in which you want the stallion you are looking for to be.

  • Breeding stud-book

    Studbook(s) in which the stallion is approved for breeding. Each Studbook is free to set the rules for the approval of stallions. Stallions can be approved for breeding in other Stud-books than those of their birth, if they have passed the "exams" defined by the Studbook concerned.

    Please note: of course, the studbook of the foal's birth depends on the papers and breeding approvals of both parents, not just the stallion. Make sure you get the right information before you make your choice.

Breeding conditions

  • Conditions

Choice of the reproduction technique you prefer, if you prefer one.

- Frozen semen
- Chilled semen
- Fresh semen
- Hand-breeding
- Pasture breeding

  • Minimum Breeding Price / Maximum Breeding Price

Price range of the breeding you are looking for. Prices are expressed including tax.

  • No foal, free return

    The distributor of the stallion may contractually offer a "no foalr, free return". Usually this means that you have paid an initial sum to book the breeding and have the semen delivered, and that you will pay the balance only once the foal is born (most often once the foal is born and has lived 48 hours. If the foal dies within 48 hours of its birth, you will not pay the balance if the LFG is applied).

    This search criterion therefore allows you to select only those stallions whose breeding contract is accompanied by a "no foal, free return".

Performance and health information


    It indicates whether the stallion has been listed at least once in its career in the WBFSH Top 100 Sires.

    The WBFSH is the "World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses". It is an independent and international organisation for all sport studbooks, whose mission is to promote the production of the best sport horses. They work closely with the FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale) and produce each year their famous "Rankings", including the "Sire Ranking", the stallion ranking. It is of course this one that interests us. The stallions are ranked according to the number of points obtained by their offspring in FEI competitions. The "Sire Ranking" is based on the 100 stallions with the most points. If you want to know more about the calculation methods, you can look here.

    A stallion who has been in the Sire Ranking at least once in his life has several horses in his foals that have performed internationally.

    FoalR has chosen this indicator because it is the only international indicator to date.

  • WFFS test

    Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrom.

    It is a genetic disease that causes the foal to have very fragile skin due to poor collagen. This extreme fragility leads to wounds and ulcerations that do not heal, and to joint hyperlaxity (due to the collagen problem), preventing the foal from standing. There is no treatment and the outcome is 100% fatal within days of birth.
    To be affected, the foal must be homozygous for the gene involved in the disease. A heterozygous carrier horse will not be ill. This means that both parents of the foal must be carriers for the foal to be homozygous, sick and die. 

    It is therefore essential to:

    Test your mare to see if she is a carrier. If she is, it is imperative that you avoid carrier stallions, as you run the risk of producing a non-viable foal. 

    Find out about the WFFS status of stallions, especially if your mare is a carrier.

    If your mare is not a carrier of the WFFS gene, then there is no risk of a sick foal being born, even if you marry your mare to a carrier stallion. The foal will eventually be a carrier, but heterozygous, so it will not have any symptoms. He may also be born without the gene.

  • PSSM test

PolySaccharide Storage Myopathy.

It is a genetic disease that affects horses, but also other mammals and damages the muscle fibres.

The symptoms are similar to a "blood stroke": the horse has difficulty moving, sometimes even trembles, its muscles are hard, it is stiff. The outcome can be fatal in some cases. An affected horse must be managed: its diet, lifestyle and activity must be adapted.

Historically, the disease has been studied mainly in American horses and draught horses, leading to the misunderstanding that only these breeds are affected. In reality, there are no studies today that confirm this hypothesis, so all breeds are potentially affected. Unfortunately, sport stallions are rarely tested in this context.

The disease can occur whether the horse is a homozygous or herozygous carrier. You should therefore be particularly vigilant about the PSSM status of your mare, and hope that more and more stallions will be tested.

If you want to know more about PSSM, we recommend this article from RESPE.

Getting in touch with the distributor

You have finally found a stallion on FoalR that suits you and your criteria. Now what do we do? 

To access the messaging system, you must first create your account. Don't panic, a few clicks and it will be done!

If the distributor of the stallion is registered on FoalR, we offer you the possibility of contacting him directly, via the contact form at the bottom of the stallion's sheet. If there is more than one distributor registered, you can choose the one you wish to contact.

Formulaire contact distributeur

If no distributor has yet registered and claimed the stallion you are interested in, the contact form will only show FoalR as a possible contact. Do not hesitate to write to us, we will forward your request to the distributor or owner.

That's it, you are in contact with the owner or the distributor of the stallion. 

Now it's your turn!

Coming up on FoalR

At the moment, FoalR only offers the possibility to make connections. Eventually, we would like to allow you to book your studs online, with payment management and stud contracts. We will keep you informed as soon as these features are available!