I claim a showjumping stallion

Claiming a stallion as owner, distributor or both means identifying yourself on FoalR as such. Breeders will then be able to contact you directly if they are interested in your stallion. If your stallion is not yet listed on FoalR, register him (see here for instructions) and you will automatically be listed as owner and/or distributor. 

To claim you stallion:

- Create your FoalR account by going from the home page to "My account" and then clicking on "I create my FoalR account".

- Once you have created your account, click on "Search for a stallion" in the menu bar. You can search for the stallion you wish to claim by name or by filters. Once found, click on its page.

- Search for your stallion by name or SIRE number. You can then click on his name to access his page.

- On its page, under its name, click on the button "Claim this stallion".
Indicate whether you are the owner, distributor, or both owner and distributor of this stallion.

- You will then click on the box that corresponds to your status as owner, distributor, or both.

- Once you have claimed the stallion, it will say "Claim Pending" on the stallion's page. You will receive an email telling you that you have made a claim and that you need to upload your ownership certificate or distribution contract and add the stallion's breeding conditions if you are a distributor.

- Return to the FoalR website and click on 'My Account' at the top right of your screen and then 'My Horses'. The stallion you have just claimed will appear in the appropriate list (horses you own, horses you distribute or both). 

- On the line corresponding to the stallion you have just claimed, it is written "awaiting the uplaod of your proof" if you are an owner, and "awaiting the uplaod of your proof and the addition of breeding conditions" if you are also a distributor. Click on the pictogram on the left to upload your ownership proof (ownership certificate or other) or your distribution proof (your distribution contract, owner's confirmation email or any other valid proof). 

- If you are a distributor, click on the pictogram "modify the page" on the line corresponding to your stallion, then go to the heading "list of breeding conditions". Click on "add a condition" and fill in the information:

- The type: frozen semen, chilled semen, fresh semen, in-hand breeding, or pasture breeding.
Technical fees
- The amount to be paid at booking time
- The balance to be paid on October 1st if the mare is declared in foal.
- The balance to be paid at 48 hours of the foal's life.
- The geographical area to which the semen can be sent.
- Box to be ticked: if there is a live foal guarantee or not. 

A free text box is available just below each line if you wish to add additional information.

NB: If you propose different breeding conditions (frozen semen, chilled semen, ... several different levels of guarantee, etc), you can create as many separate lines as different conditions. 

- Once the document has been uploaded and the conditions added (if you are a distributor), FoalR must check and validate them so that you appear on the page of the stallion you have claimed.

- Once your page is validated by FoalR, you will receive a confirmation email and breeders will be able to contact you if they are interested in your stallion.

NB: by claiming a stallion on FoalR, you are not automatically the author of his page, which means that you cannot make changes to all the information entered (you can only add the breeding conditions you propose for this stallion). If you wish to benefit from the "author" status, contact us via the contact form or by mail: contact@foalr.com.