I offer a showjumping stallion

You are the owner of a stallion and you would like to make it known, to promote its production and its performances for free? You are a distributor of several stallions and would like to improve your sales by improving their visibility on the web? You are both owner and distributor of your stallions and wish to be listed in an international catalogue? FoalR has been created for you and is aimed at all types of sport horses.

To create your stallion's page:

- Create your FoalR account by going from the home page to "My account" and then clicking on "I create my FoalR account".

- Once you have created your account, click on "My account" and then go to "My stallions". 

- At the top right of the 'My stallions' page, click on 'Add a stallion'. Then enter your role for this stallion: owner, distributor, or both. 

- Find the stallion via its name or SIRE number.

- If you can't find it in the database, it can also be added manually by entering its name, breed, coat color, date of birth and genealogy. 

- Click on "Register" once you have found your stallion in the database, or have completed its information.

- You will then receive an email asking you to add your proof of ownership (such as a certificate of ownership or other) if you are an owner or owner and distributor, or your proof of distribution (distribution contract, owner's confirmation email or other) if you are a distributor. To upload them, go back to the "My horses" page and click on the pictogram showing an upward arrow on the line corresponding to your stallion, in order to upload your documents.

- You can then click on the pictogram "Modify the page" of the stallion. Please include :

> media (photos, videos), free and under saddle as far as possible
> its breeding studbook(s)
> his presentation (origins, character, qualities and other information you consider useful)
> his sport results and whether he has ever been ranked in the WBFSH Top 100 (throughout his career) 
> his offspring and the main qualities he transmits
> his stud fees in detail: 
- The type: frozen semen, chilled semen, fresh semen, in-hand breeding, or pasture breeding.
- Technical fees
- The amount to be paid at booking time
- The balance to be paid on October 1st if the mare is declared in foal.
- The balance to be paid at 48 hours of the foal's life.
- The geographical area to which the semen can be sent.
- Box to be ticked: if there is a no foal, free return or not. 

NB: If you propose different breeding conditions (frozen semen, chilled semen, ... several different levels of guarantee, etc), you can create as many separate lines as different conditions. 

Note: links to external pages are not allowed.

Remember to click on "save" once you have filled in each section. 

- Once the form is complete, click on "Request validation of the page" at the top right of the page. FoalR will then be able to check and validate the information submitted. Once the form has been validated, you will receive a confirmation email and it will be visible on the website. You can always update it with new performances, breeding conditions or other information.

Good to know: if you create the stallion page, you will automatically be its author, which means that you will be the only person who can complete and modify the whole page. If you wish to give this status to one of your distributors (if you are the owner) or to the owner (if you are one of the distributors), please contact us via the contact form or by e-mail: contact@foalr.com.