The FoalR concept

The FoalR stallion marketplace offers the following opportunities:

- for stallion owners: to maximize the visibility of their stallions and sell studs online in a simple and secure way,
- for breeders, to benefit from a wide range of stallions on a single platform, with effective search filters, and to buy their covers online in a simple and secure way.

In the words of Nica Stapel, founder of FoalR:

"Every year, it's the same struggle for hundreds of breeders and broodmares: they have to wade through the maze of the web or the ocean of their contacts to identify the available stallions that match their search criteria. Some of this information does exist. But it is scattered, more or less 'visible' and heterogeneous. Often it's the same stallions that we see again and again, because their owners or distributors are better equipped than others to communicate. So we only see the tip of the iceberg.

The idea behind FoalR is to give stallion owners a chance to sell more covers in a simplified and secure way, and to give breeders access to a much wider range of stallions on a European scale, with as much information as possible (such as genetic tests for health, colour, etc.) and to book their covers in a single place."

FoalR is :

Nearly 400 referenced stallions
More than 100 distributors from 6 different countries

Stallions referenced in the 3 Olympic disciplines

For Stallion owners and agents, FoalR means :

  • Publication of a stallion page on FoalR
  • Automatic translation of each stallion page into the site's other languages
  • Access to the FoalR messaging system (enabling communication with breeders)
  • Free assistance in creating a stallion page

  • Validation of online breeding contracts
  • Online sale of coverings (via Stripe)
  • Secure payment
  • Possibility for the breeder to pay in 3 installments at no additional cost
  • 100% payment on reservation
  • Opportunity to participate in FoalR commercial events (and benefit from the associated communication).
  • Dedicated FoalR advisor
  • Right to purchase the automatic publication of stallion information from Hippomundo

  • Promotion of Premium stallions through Facebook and Google ads.
  • Presentation of your stallions on FoalR's social networks when they register
  • Highlighting the sports results of your stallions on FoalR's social networks
  • Highlighting the sports results of your stallions' offspring on FoalR's social networks
  • Highlighting of your premium stallions with a specific sticker on FoalR
  • Appearance of your Premium stallions on the first pages of results on FoalR
  • Increased visibility thanks to the FoalR community and the 2024 communication campaign in Europe
For breeders, FoalR means:

  • access to an online range of sports stallions comprising nearly 400 stallions (including foreign stallions) from the 3 Olympic disciplines and 6 european countries.
  • multiple search criteria allowing you to filter the stallions that match your requirements.
  • access to the FoalR messaging system, enabling you to contact Premium distributors before ordering your breeding.

  • Ability to reserve and pay for all your breedings on a single platform
  • validation of your breeding contracts online: no more paperwork, printers, photocopies or post!
  • Option to pay in 3 installments with no fees via Klarna
  • 100% payment on reservation

  • masterclasses dedicated to breeding with expert speakers
  • Pre-season and end-of-season promotional campaigns
  • Contests offering you the chance to win a free breeding or gifts