Who are we?

There are 3 people involved in the development of FoalR:


The wish to see FoalR born is the result of long hours, even days that she spent on the internet scouring the social networks and the websites of some and others to try to find stallions that corresponded to her criteria. All this scattered offer, not necessarily updated, with more or less up to date information, and without the possibility to compare them easily... There was really a way to do better in the 21st century!

She has several lives... but one of them is that she started breeding horses late in life, after spending time in the world of e-commerce (this explains it). She divides her time between Normandy, the land of horses, for part of her professional life, and the depths of the Ardèche mountains, for her personal life, far from everything, with her horses, her cats and her dogs. 


Frédéric and Nica worked together for many years in their previous lives in the world of retail. They know each other by heart, and trust each other... and that saves time... He knows horses: he grew up among them and has kept from that time the habit of getting up at 5am. After nearly 30 years of executive officer positions in leading retail companies in their respective fields, and with a passion for both innovation and horse riding, there comes a time (and an age...) when it is important to make one's own choices: for him, FoalR is more than a company, it is a life choice. He lives just next to Paris and has a fearsome dog, which almost makes him lose his dry humour. He is as level-headed, composed and patient (on the surface...) as... Nica is not.  In short, it's impossible to be more different and more complementary.



Camille is a perfect example of the proverbial "value does not wait for the number of years". She has already accumulated a lot of experience in communication and marketing. She lives in Brittany in a lovely little town and dreams of the great outdoors. Of course she is passionate about horses, with a big weakness for eventing, which did not prevent her from diving into the world of dressage when she started FoalR. Organised, rigorous, determined, if we thought we were going to take it easy, it's not going to be possible with Camille... In short, she completes (and upsets...) this unlikely trio wonderfully!