Hannoverian Studbook Masterclass


How does stallion approval for Hanover work? What are the procedures for registering a foal in the Hanoverian studbook? What are the main studbook rules?

Ulrich Hahne, Maren Schlender and Ariane Pourtavaf are doing us the honour of taking part in this FoalR Special HAN Studbook Masterclass to tell you all about breeding Hanoverian horses! 




#1: The Hanoverian studbook - an overview

#2: What type of mare do I have?

#3: Which stallions can I use?

#4: The first steps as a breeder

#5: My foal is born, what do I do next?



Ulrich Hahne, Head of Breeding at the Hanoverian Studbook

Maren Schlender, Head of Breeding aborad at the Hanoverian Studbook

Ariane Pourtavaf, Hanoverian Studbook French-speaking relations and projects manager

The masterclass was presented in English and translated in French.

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