Masterclass #8: Foal nutrition.


When should you start feeding the foal? Should the foal be fed when it is still suckling? At what age should the foal be weaned? Is there a risk in "giving too much"? Or "not enough"? Or "badly"? What should you look out for? What impact does feed have on the foal's growth and health?

Angélique Descarpentry, agricultural engineer and freelance equine nutritionist, has been answering all these legitimate questions for anyone involved in foaling and foal rearing during this FoalR Masterclass on foal nutrition.


This masterclass was presented in French.


#1: Introduction and objectives

#2: Eating behaviour

#3: The weaning stage

#4: The digestive system from foal to adult

#5: Feed requirements of the young horse

#6: Conclusion and points to remember

#7: Questions and answers


Angélique Descarpentry founded Equi-Transm'être in 2017, an agricultural engineer by training and a freelance equine nutritionist, her aim via Equi-Transm'être is to help professionals and private individuals set up a diet suited to their horses, from foals to older horses and from leisure horses to top-level sports horses.