FRENZY DAYS - stallion owners

Frenzy Days is a commercial group buying operation that enables you, the stud owners, to sell more covers in the pre-season. To encourage breeders to buy, you set price reduction levels according to the total number of covers you sell.

It's a virtuous circle: the more studs breeders buy from you, the more your customers save, and the more studs you sell. It's a win-win situation!

How does it work

  • Create your FoalR personal space, then create the pages for your stallions: we advise you to fill in each section carefully, and to provide photos and videos to optimise your chances of selling.
  • Activate the premium mode to register your stallions free of charge for Frenzy Days and benefit from numerous advantages.
  • Select the stallions you would like to enter for Frenzy Days, then set your price reduction levels according to the number of services sold. You will be able to change these until the operation is launched.
  • If you want to increase your chances of selling a lot of covers, don't forget to publicise the operation: share your distributor page on the networks, on your website, or by email or whatsapp, and explain that the more your buyers book their covers, the more they'll save!

Exemple :

Example: Marc has 3 stallions: Milord, Cornetto, and Kotilas. He defines 4 price reduction levels.
  • 5% from 3 covers sold
  • 10% from 6 services sold
  • 15% for 10 or more sales
  • 20% for 15 or more sales
  • 25% from 20 covers sold
Over the course of Frenzy Days, he sells
  • 5 Milord covers
  • 8 covers of Cornetto
  • 4 servings of Kotilas
a total of 17 covers, to 17 different buyers This means that the -20% level will apply, and buyers will receive a 20% discount on the studs purchased.