Grande loterie foalr
The Great FoalR Lottery consists of 6 monthly draws (see gifts below), from February to June, and a great final draw, that will be made at the end of the season from all the covering orders placed on FoalR. The winners will receive:
1st prize: an EasyFoal* Indoor kit
2nd prize: a free covering** offered by FoalR
3rd prize: a Birth Alarm foaling system pack


1er prix

An EasyFoal Indoor kit

Value: €2,298 incl. VAT

EasyFoal is Innoval's foal detection system, based on analysis of the mare's behaviour before foaling. Thanks to a sensor positioned on the mare's tail, EasyFoal sends you an alert when the first signs of foaling appear.

Easy foal
2eme prix

A free covering* offered by FoaR

Value: €1,055 incl. VAT

FoalR, the sport stallion marketplace, is a web platform offering of over 400 sports stallions from the 3 Olympic disciplines and 6 European countries, giving breeders the opportunity to buy their coverings online, simply and securely.

The winner will choose the covering ordered on which they wish to activate this gift, and will receive a full refund of the order if it is less than €1055 incl. VAT, or a refund of €1055 incl. VAT if the amount of the order exceeds €1055 incl. VAT.

saillie gratuite* offerte par Foaler
3eme prix

A Birth Alarm foaling system

Value: €749 or €889 incl. VAT

Birth Alarm is a foaling alarm designed for the well-being and safety of mares. Birth Alarm transmitters detect when foaling is imminent by analysing their behaviour. The system consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter registers when the mare lies down in a typical foaling position and activates the alarm signal after 7.6 seconds.

The winner can choose to receive the Birth Alarm Classic or Mobile 2.0 foaling system.

Easy foal


But that's not all! To give everyone a greater chance of winning, the Foalr Great Lottery also includes a draw EVERY MONTH, from among the orders for coverings placed on FoalR during the previous month, from February to July, i.e. 6 additional prize draws!

Every month, until the end of the season, 5 winners will be drawn and offered a range of gifts from our partners:

JUNE gifts:

Grande loterie foalr
1st prize

Marpezia halter for foals

Value: €129,90 incl. VAT

The winner of June's draw will receive a beautiful biothane halter from Marpezia: made in France, with a contrasting leather lining and an adjustable anatomical headpiece as well as an engraving plate, this halter is a superb gift for your future foal!

Marpezia is a 100% French brand of ready-to-wear clothing, equipment and accessories for riders, horses and dogs.

Grande loterie foalr
2nd prize

A « Birth » pack offered by Equideos

Value: €84,85 incl. VAT

The 2nd prize in June's draw is a « Birth » prize offered by Equideos, consisting of an outdoor rug and a leather halter for the foal.

Equideos offers a complete range of equipment and products dedicated to the world of horses. The ‘Breeding’ range offers 8000 references in nutrition and equipment specific to breeding to meet all your needs!

Grande loterie foalr
3rd prize

A voucher to be used on any contract taken out with Pegase Insurance

Value: €100,00 incl. VAT

Pegase Insurance is an insurance brokerage firm specialising in equestrian insurance, founded 14 years ago by Géraldine Rischoffer, herself a rider.

Civil liability, horses, stables & stud farms, horse trucks, companies, loans, etc. Pegase Insurance covers all areas related to the industry!

Grande loterie foalr
4th and 5th prizes:

2 half-yearly subscriptions to Grand Prix Magazine

Value: €53,40 incl. VAT

Grand Prix is a benchmark for equestrian sports news. The magazine is aimed at leisure and sport riders, as well as amateur and professional breeders!
Its multidisciplinary approach means that all readers will find the information that interests them.

A big thank you to all our partners
for their generosity!

Grande loterie foalr Grande loterie foalr Grande loterie foalr Grande loterie foalr Grande loterie foalr
Grande loterie foalr Grande loterie foalr Grande loterie foalr Grande loterie foalr Grande loterie foalr

*Offered by Innoval.
**Until €1,055 incl. VAT, except Technical fees, valid until 30/06/2025.

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